Tekanan (2021) [Cassauna / Important Records]

“It’s such a fascinating release, there’s so much that is familiar, yet also so much just out of reach. You can hear everything from mutant disco to demented R&B to fractured noise to industrial ambient and electro acoustic electronica. It covers a ridiculous amount of ground, yet there’s also something immediately identifiable as him. Yet he remains a really difficult guy to pin down.”Cyclic Defrost

“Definitively interesting.” – Encyclopedia of Electronic Music


Whitehorse & The Body – Whitehorse & The Body EP (2019)

Death Weight (2021) [Heavy Machinery]


Dua Naga (2021) [Heavy Machinery]

“RINUWAT is a substantive conceptual project for collaborators Karina Utomo, Rama Parwata and Mike Deslandes. Firmly steeped in Southeast Asian traditional instrumentation and notation, the trio’s ancient Javanese name translates as “to liberate oneself from a curse”. Given the depth and intensity of their compositions, that malediction does indeed demand to be extricated.” – Ben Andrews


Systems Over-Ride (2021)

Improvised Collaborations

w/ Senyawa [ID] and Sage Pbbbt

w/ Sean Baxter and Carolyn Connors

w/ Hammer’s Lake (Carolyn Connors and Judith Hamann)

w/ the Make It Up Club curator band