Photo by Hashem McAdam

Rama Parwata is a Melbourne based musician, educator, composer, curator, and sound artist who has a distinguished reputation for his audacious and technical aural explorations in sound, texture and rhythm on the drum-kit, drawing influence from Jazz, Extreme Metal, and Gamelan music from his Balinese and Indonesian heritage.

Since graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts/University of Melbourne in 2016, Rama has become a considerably active figure in Melbourne’s underground Metal, Experimental, Punk and Jazz scenes and he has been at the very forefront of Melbourne’s underground music scene both as a performer and a curator.

Since 2017, Rama has been a member of the seminal Melbourne-based Doom Metal outfit, Whitehorse, who have toured extensively internationally and in 2019 released a collaborative EP with the internationally-renowned American Metal duo, The Body. In 2021, Whitehorse released their latest full length album Death Weight on Heavy Machinery Records.

In 2021, Rama co-founded the experimental Metal/Gamelan outfit Rinuwat with Karina Utomo and Mike Deslandes of High Tension fame. Their debut album, Dua Naga, was released in late 2021 release on Heavy Machinery Records.

Additionally to Rinuwat, in 2021 Rama co-founded the Black Metal trio Kilat, with Rinuwat band-mate Karina Utomo and Ben Andrews of My Disco and Agents of Abhorrence ilk, as a means to explore and celebrate their shared interest of raw Black Metal from the 90’s underground. Kilat are set to release their anticipated debut album in 2022 on AR53 Records.

Rama is also currently a committee member and co-curator of the legendary Make It Up Club, one of the world’s longest-running experimental concert series (starting in 1998), which hosts weekly improvised music and sound performances.

In 2021, Rama released his sonically experimental debut solo album, Tekanan, on Cassauna / Important Records.

Rama has worked on various projects with choreographers Stephanie Lake (Manifesto), Juliet Burnett and Melanie Lane.

As a performing and recording artist, Rama has performed, collaborated and recorded with some of Australia and the world’s leading experimental acts, including Senyawa [ID], The Body [US], Marco Fusinato, Robin Fox, Abah Andris [ID], Umlaut, Andrea Keller, Robbie Avenaim, Judith Hamann, Carolyn Connors, Sean Baxter, David Brown, and Bridget Chappell, among others.